Shoulder pain treatment

“I went to Ellie at the start of the year with severe shoulder pain, neck pain ,and nerve pain in my arm. I was unable to lift anything with my right shoulder and struggling to even sleep with it. Ellie instantly made me feel at ease, and I honestly noticed results after the first treatment. She is such a wonderfully kind and caring person. I look forward to our appointments, not just for the healing side of things, but really come out from sessions feeling better both physically and mentally.

I really couldn’t recommend her enough!

Shoulder pain causes 

  • Causes of pain arising from the shoulder include
  • Rotator cuff disorders.
  • Frozen shoulder.
    • Instability disorders.
    • Acromioclavicular joint disorders.
    • Glenohumeral joint osteoarthritis.
    • Inflammatory arthritis.
    • Septic arthritis.
  • Causes of pain which arise from elsewhere include:
    • Referred pain from the neck, heart or lungs. 
    • Polymyalgia                                                 



Shoulder pain physiotherapy in Didsbury,Manchester 

                                                                            Are you suffering with shoulder pain?

                                          Do you want to understand what you can be doing to help yourself recover?

                                              Are you unsure what is causing the pain and what treatment you need?

Treatment will depend on your diagnosis .A full Assessment will be carried out before we start treatment for shoulder pain. During your assessment you will be asked about your medical history ,your current health complaint and we will perform an examination.

    • Our friendly Physiotherapist can provide a variety of treatments and will help you to understand your problem and give you advice regarding work and activity. The numbers of Physiotherapy sessions you may have depends on the cause of your shoulder pain.
    • We may consider Referral to secondary care if pain and function are not improving following conservative treatment ; symptoms last more than four weeks, there is severe pain or restriction of movement or suspected arthritis.
    •  Emergency orthopedics assessment is likely to be considered for people following acute trauma,depending on clinical judgement and for suspected Septic arthritis and Shoulder dislocation.                                                                                                                     

Treatments may include:


Hands on therapy for shoulder pain relief, stiffness ,restore range of motion and increase strength.

Joint mobilization

Shoulder pain massage

Trigger point pressure release 

Shoulder pain kinesio tape 

Electrotherapy for pain relief and to promote healing 

Shoulder pain stretches to decrease tightness

Shoulder pain exercises to restore any kind of weakness or disfunction

Shoulder pain management and prevention: Postural, sleeping, ergonomics and lifestyle advice


                                                               Get in touch to book your shoulder pain treatment in Didsbury,Manchester!


” Elena put me at ease straight away and was able to assess the possible underlying problems with my painful shoulder very quickly.  A very professional and well informed physiotherapist who has a very friendly and pleasant demeanor to make you feel totally comfortable during sessions. Highly recommend. “

Mark Hurst, Manchester